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Nutri-Tech with Ozone Air-Purifier
Nutri-Tech with Ozone Air-Purifier
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Nutri-Tech with Ozone Air-Purifier

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Utilizing 5 Technologies The Nutri Tech With optional Ozone Air Filter
  • CAPTURES and DESTROYS Microorganisms
  • MICROBIAL CONTROL and Neutralization
  • ADSORPTION: Adhesion and Neutralization of Gasses, Chemicals, Smoke & Odors
  • IONIZATION: Airborne particles are negatively charged and attracted to filter.
  • OXIDATION: the process of oxidizing Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Cysts, Fungus.
Our Exclusive Nutri Tech addresses ALL 3 Contaminate Groups
PARTICULATE: Captures and filters Dust, Dead Skin, Fibers, Pet Dander, Human Skin and Hair
V.O.C.’s: Volatile Organic Chemicals. Adsorbs Off-Gassing from furniture, carpets, wall covering materials, paints. Pesticides and Household Chemicals
BIO-AEROSOLS: Oxidizes Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Yeast and Fungi.
Quiet Sleep Mode to full-power Variable speed dial. Nutri Tech offers models available in Black or White. 10-Stages of State of the Art Purification with Ozone. Nutri Tech air filters costs only pennies a day to operate. Conveniently operated by Digital Console Panel. Safety design turns off when cover removed.
The Nutri Tech air purifier is energy efficient with a 3-speed induction motor. Ozone stage suggested for unoccupied areas 2 hr., 4-hr. and 24-hr. automatic settings. Set automatically with programmed timer High/Low deodorizer output switch for ozone Use as necessary for strong odors. Size: 22”h x 14¼”w x 11½"d
Quick Facts
Lightweight and portable the Nutri Tech air purifier with ozone has 4 wheels and handles on either side Purifies 2300 square feet per hour, costs only pennies a day to operate, safety design turns off when cover removed, energy efficient variable speed control with sleep mode 2 hr., 4-hr. and 24-hr. ozone settings, optional High/Low ozone output switch - Use as necessary for strong odors. Ozone stage suggested for unoccupied areas. Ozone can help in reducing mold hidden behind your walls. (Use ozone in unoccupied spaces)
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 is transmitted through airborne exposure and contact. Poor indoor air quality can not only aid the spread of COVID-19; it can also be a factor in a host of other respiratory disorders, from asthma and allergies to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.
One proven solution is an air purifier with optional ozone that keeps rooms free of harmful viruses and bacteria. Nutri Tech offers medical-grade air purifiers/filters with ozone. Nutri Tech systems significantly minimize airborne ultrafine particles such as COVID-19, along with influenza and other viruses. Our compact filter is designed for bedrooms, personal offices, dens, etc. and they purify 375 square feet 2 times per hour and our deluxe purifier is for larger rooms, and purifies 2300 square feet per hour.
Both our Nutri Tech COMPACT and DELUXE units remove 99.99% of harmful viruses, as well as fungi molds and bacteria, down to .01 micron in size. That’s well below the size of COVID-19 as reported by CDC, 0.125 microns. According to Dr. Mariea Snell, Assistant Director of the Online Doctor of Nursing Program at Maryville University, the size of COVID-19 is approximately 0.125 micron. (Ozone can also help reduce some of these issues)

Our Nutri Tech deluxe system has 10 stages, utilizing 5 technologies with optional ozone. Our multi-stage proprietary disinfecting filtration system enables the units to trap and eliminate potentially harmful ultrafine particles in indoor air – at 40 times the effectiveness of a standard high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
We are committed to helping people live a longer healthier life, by improving their indoor air quality with Nutri Tech air purifiers with ozone.

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