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Collection: Carico State of the Art Forged Cutlery

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It takes quality kitchen knives to prepare and serve food properly, but not all knives are created equal. Most people would like to own quality cutlery, but they are not sure of what to look for.” Here’s what you don’t want; Wood Handles can be attractive but can breed bacteria. Plastic handles are sanitary but break easily. Carbon steel blades hold an edge but they rust, pit and corrode. Stamped blades are less expensive but can chip and break easily and will not hold an edge. Riveted handles loosen overtime.

Our Professional, State of the Art Cutlery

Our 22-Step Process: Starts with hot drop forging at temperatures exceeding 1800ºF. No stamping, no welding, no short cuts.

  • Beautifully Finished: Each piece is polished to a finely ground surface to create a rust and corrosion resistant blade. Lifetime Warranty.
  • Polypropylene Handles: Virtually indestructible, safe and sure grip; easy to keep clean. Sanitary, unlike wood, plastic or riveted handles, there are no cracks or crevices for mold and bacteria to grow.
  • Fully Forged Blade: Forged from a single block of high carbon surgical stainless steel alloy exceptionally hard; stain resistant.
  • Blade Edge: Precision ground and tapered to maintain a sharp edge, for a lifetime.

Cutlery Sets Include:

4PC GOURMET SET for mincing herbs, trimming steak, slicing vegetables or cutting bread, this set has all the basic essentials you need. Set Includes: Paring Knife, Trimming Knife, 10″ Chef Knife, and 10″ Scalloped Slicer. #CUTA4GS399

3PC CHEF SET for preparing meals like a pro. From chopping meat to slicing vegetables this trio gets the job done. Set Includes: Cleaver, 10″ Chef Knife, and 8″ Scalloped All Purpose Chef Knife. #CUTA3CFS359

3PC CARVING SET for mastering the art of carving by starting with the right tools. Carve a turkey or roast with grace and ease. Set Includes: Carving Fork, Carving Knife and Sharpening Steel. #CUTA3CRS329

8PC STEAK KNIFE SET these super sharp knives are a must when you’re serving grilled steaks, lamb chops or other meats. A great complement to your cutlery collection and a perfect gift. Beautifully gift boxed. Set Includes: 8 Scalloped Steak Knives #CUTA8STK438 and 8-Slot Maple Block #CUTSBLK69.

9PC GOURMET SET includes: 4PC Gourmet Set, 3PC Carving Set, Kitchen Shears and Knife Block. #CUTA9PCS899.

12PC HOMEMAKER SET includes: 4PC Gourmet Set, 3PC Chef Set, 3PC Carving Set, Kitchen Shears and Knife Block. #CUTA12PC1269

    6PC KITCHEN TOOL SET each stainless steel piece is of superior quality and craftsmanship. You’ll notice the difference in Carico’s Perfect Fit™ handles, which gives you the safest and surest grip. Set consists of 5 essential tools with stainless steel hanging rack: Set Includes: Rack, Ladle, Spatula, Slotted Spoon, Chefs Fork and Basting Spoon. #KIT6SET149

    The Stainless Steel Hanging Rack which is also included keeps these indispensable kitchen helpers neatly organized with convenient access.
    A great addition to your Professional Collection, this set is also perfect for gift giving.

    29PC Professional Forged Collection state of the art cutlery set. The only knives you will ever need. Each blade is fully forged to perfection from a single block of high carbon, stain resistant, surgical steel alloy. Includes: 4PC Gourmet Set, 3PC Chef Set, 3PC Carving Set, 8 Steak Knives, Cutting Board, Diamond Sharpening Steel, 6PC Kitchen Tool Set, Kitchen Shears and Knife Block. #CUTA29PC2079

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