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Frequently Asked Questions

Better Health Solutions USA is an authorized dealer of Carico products. Since 1967, Carico and BHS USA have aimed to provide you with the highest quality health & wellness products to help you live a longer & healthier life.

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Waterless & Greaseless Cookware

Is Carico cookware easy to clean?

Carico cookware is very easy to clean. Always let your cookware coolly thoroughly after each use. Carico cookware only requires washing in warm, soapy water using a mild dish soap and sponge or dishcloth. Make sure to remove all food residue. Rinse and dry. Carico Cookware is dishwasher safe. However, do NOT put the thermometer in the dishwasher; instead, rinse it with soap and water and dry. Carico does not recommend putting your cookware in the dishwasher as the high temperature may fade your handle over time.


Can I wash the thermometer in the dishwasher?

NO. DO NOT put the thermometer in the dishwasher. We recommend periodically washing the Ultra-Temp control valve. Wash the control valve by hand. To remove the thermometer, unscrew the knob assembly. Wash parts in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly before reassembling. Always wash thermometer after using it to test internal food temperatures. Rinse with soap and water and dry.


What temperature should I use to cook?

“Medium to low temperature is all you need to know.” Place cookware on stove with the valve open and turn setting to Medium. In a few minutes, the temperature gauge on the cookware will reach medium. When it does, turn the stove to low. Only use the high stove setting when necessary, such as when boiling liquids. Always use a burner that is similar in diameter to the pan you are using. If cooking on a gas stove, do not allow the flame to extend up the sides of the pan.

How do I order replacement parts? 

You can order replacement parts by contacting Better Health Solutions USA by calling or texting 954-893-2002  

Air Purification

How often do I need to clean my cartridge? 

The Nutri-Tech Air Purifier is easy to maintain. We recommend quickly vacuuming the cartridge approximately every three (3) months or sooner depending on the environment it is used in.


Where in my home should I place the air purifier?

You can place the air purifier in any room in your house or almost anywhere in most working environments. Always place your unit in a an area in which it will not get wet. Carico recommends placing your unit in a location on the floor which allows air to circulate freely around and into the front louvers, and out the top grill. Carico also recommends placing your unit near an intake for your HVAC system so that when you run the deodorizer, it is drawn into the HVAC system and dispersed through the house and the system itself.


How many square feet does my unit cover?

Carico’s Deluxe Air Purification System purifies 2300 square feet per hour. Carico’s Compact Air Purification System purifies 375 square feet two (2) times per hour.


How do I order replacement parts?

You can order replacement parts by contacting Better Health Solutions USA by calling or texting 954-893-2002

Water Purification and Filtration

How often do I need to change the cartridges inside the shower filter? 

You need to change the shower filter cartridge every two (2) to three (3) years. You can order cartridges by calling your independent Carico representative, by visiting or by calling Carico customer Service at 1-800-440-1434 


What is the optimum water flow rate?

The optimium flow rate is 0.4 to 0.5 gallons per minute. The longer water is in contact with the filter media (i.e. at the correct flow rate), the cleaner the water. 


How do I determinate when it is time to clean water filter cartridges?

The flow rate of the water coming out of your filter slows when it is time to clean your cartridge. Over time, the fine pores on the surface of the ceramic cartridge become blocked by algae, bacteria, rust, sediment and other particles. Cleaning the cartridge will re-open these pores. 


How do I clean the cartridge or replace a cartridge?

Cleaning a cartridge takes only a few minutes. Once you remove the cartridge from the housing, lightly rub the ceramic with the scrub padded provded with the unit. Do NOT try to get the cartridge to look pure white. All you need to do is to rub lightly and clean the surface of the ceramic. The ceramic will remain discolored. This is normal. Refer to your manual for details on how to remove the cartridge. 


How often do I need to do backwash the unit?

Carico recommends that you backwash the unit every 6 months. However, if the water in your area contains a high dergree of sediment or silt, we recommend that you backwash your unit every 3 months. 

How do I backwash the unit?

  1. Put a hose on the outlet on the head (top) of the unit. Turn the right side or outlet valve handle (red handle) to the left or closed position.
  2. SLOWLY turn the main valve to the right, which is the Backwash position and let run for 2 to 5 minutes. Make sure you have the water start flowing slowly, which will prevernt the filter media from getting expelled. Intially, the water coming out of the tubing or hose on the side of the valve will look very dark. THis is normal.
  3. Slowly turn the main valve to the right, to the Rapid Rinse position. Run until the water coming out of the hose is clear.
  4. Turn the main valve back to the filtering position and turn the (Red) outlet valve to the right or open position. 


How do I order replacement parts? 

You can order replacement parts by contacting Better Health Solutions USA by calling or texting 954-893-2002


Grounding Sleep Systems

My new mattress was just installed, how long does it take to get used to it?

Most people are able to select the level of comfort they want and get immediate satisfaction. However, if you are not certain what level of comfort your body wants, the advantage is that you can easily change the comfort level, as often as you want. Some people may take up to one (1) month to get used to a new mattress.


How do I clean a Carico topper or mattress cover?

Carico mattress covers, toppers and pillow covers are removable and washable. Carico recommends, however, that you have them professionally cleaned. You should dry clean or have the covers professionally washed in cold water and dry on a cool setting. Do not use hot water. Air drying is best. Do not “over-dry” the cover and do not use chlorine products or harsh stain removers of any kind.


How do I clean spills from my mattress?

If you spill liquid on your topper and/or pillow, immediately take the following steps: Remove topper. After removing the topper, soak up as much of the liquid as possible using colorfast towels. Press down on or blot the inner core with towel(s) to absorb the moisture. Do not rub. Once excess moisture is removed, let the topper air dry and to speed up the drying process, place a fan so that it blows directly on the affected area of the mattress. Professionally clean if necessary. Call Better Health Solutions USA at 954-893-2002 for further assistance.


How do I adjust the Ultra Tech Silver Collection's firmness setting?

Carico’s “4 in 1 Sleeping System” lets you create the exact level of comfort you desire and makes it easy and fast to change settings as often as you want between Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm. Unzip the outer cover to reveal the core. The Soft Side of the core is grey and the Firm Side is green. One side of the cover is thick and the other side is thinner. Place the side of the cover that you do not want on the bottom. Insert the core into the cover with the side you want to sleep on facing up and zip shut. You are done resetting the firmness level of your Carico Sleep System. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more information or contact Better Health Solutions USA at 954-893-2002


How do I adjust my pillow?

Carico’s Pillows allow you to create the comfort you desire. Through a patented process, the pillow cores are laser cut so that you can adjust the pillow to the height that is perfect for your body (5”, 6” or 7”). For the lowest setting, (five inches (5″)) only use the larger of the two cores. For medium height (six inches (6″)), use both the core and match the thickest part of channeled core with thinnest part of the bottom core. For the highest setting (seven inches (7″)), use both cores, matching the thickest part of the channeled core with thickest part of the bottom core. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more information or contact Better Health Solutions USA at 954-893-2002

State-of-the-Art Cutlery

How do I polish my Carico cutlery handles?

To polish the handles on your Carico knives, rub mineral oil or Vaseline on the handle. Let sit overnight, and rub away any excess material.


What knife can I use to cut frozen meats or bones?

Carico’s cleaver will chop bones, joints of meat and poultry as well as vegetables.

Utra-Vac Food Storage

Are Ulta Vac Storage Containers dishwasher safe?

Do NOT put the lid in the dishwasher. The bottom and tray are dishwasher safe. However, Carico recomends that you hand wash them.


Are Ulta Vac Storage Containers freezer safe?

Yes, Ultra Vac Storage Containers are freezer safe.


Are Ultra Vac Storage Containers microwave safe?

Yes, provided that prior to use in microwave, youe release the vacuum and clips, lift the lid and slightly turn it so that the container is not fully covered.


How long does it take to marinate foods?

The Ultra Vac Storeage Continer’s unique vacuum sealing process actually allows meat, fish or poultry to absorb marinates in minutes. The vacuum process opens the tiny pores and fibers in meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables to allow the marinade to penetrate much quicker.


How long will the Ultra Vac Storage Continers keep food fresh?

Your Ultra Vac Storeagfe Continer prolongs the flavor and freshness of foods and beverages up to 3 to 5 times longer than other storage methods.


How do I replacement parts?

You can order replacement parts by contacting Better Health Solutions USA by calling or texting 954-893-2002

Juice Extraction

How do I get the most juice from my fruits and vegetables?

Do NOT force your fruits and vegetables through the juicer. Take your time, gently pushing them through and let the juicer do the work.


Is the juicer dishwasher safe?

All parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe except for the motor.


How do I wash the motor housing?

Unplug the unit. Use damp sponge to clean the motor housing. Always make sure to clean the bottom of the housing in case any juice or pulp spilled under the juicer. Never submerge or rinse the motor unit in water.


How do I clean the plastic parts and strainer blade?

Use any mild liquid dishwashing detergent to wash the plastic parts and strainer blade of the juicer. Do not use any products containing ammonia, bleach or scouring powders, which will dull, scratch and/or mar the surface. For hard to reach crevices and corners, use a small brush or toothbrush to make sure the tiny holes stay open in the strainer blade.


How do I order replacement parts?

You can order replacement parts by contacting Better Health Solutions USA by calling or texting 954-893-2002

Bridal Shows & Gift Packages

How did you get my name/information or where did I sign up with Better Health Solutions USA for information for a gift package?

Better Health Solutions USA and our product partners participate in thousands of bridal shows, women’s expos, home shows, fairs and festival across the country each year. We also work with many bridal shops, the Cooking Channel, Food & Wine Magazine, wedding and cooking websites, associations and other publications.
If you’re a bride or an attendee of one of the show’s we may have participated in, you may have signed up to receive our gift package and receive information about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Or you, a friend or a relative may have signed up on line, bridal shop, bridal magazine to receive information. If we call you with an invite to the Better Health Solutions USA Exclusive Culinary Cooking Show and better Health Preview and if you aren’t interested in attending or participating we will make note of it and not contact you again.  

How can Better Health Solutions USA afford to give away these promotional/advertising gifts with no purchase required?

Like every large company, Better Health Solutions USA has a marketing and advertising budget. We have found that the most effective way to advertise and showcase our product line and gain new customers is through a live Better Health Solutions USA Cooking exclusive culinary cooking Show and better Health Preview. Instead of spending millions of dollars on TV, radio and print advertising to introduce you to Better Health Solutions USA, we have taken our advertising budget and partnered with multiple travel and promotional companies so that we can offer a number of fantastic gifts to people just for attending our shows.
If you have received an offer for promotional gifts please remember that this is where we have invested advertising dollars therefore this is how we can afford to give away so much just for attending the Better Health Solutions USA Exclusive culinary Cooking Show and better health preview. Even if you choose not to purchase anything from us, the gifts are yours just for attending the Show.

Did I really win and are ALL of the gifts totally free?

NOT EVERY GIFT IS 100% FREE. This was not a sweepstakes and no drawing took place. At some point somewhere you or someone that you know requested information about Better Health Solutions USA, our products, our Exclusive Culinary Cooking Show and better health preview or registered to receive a gift package.
If your offer included advertising gifts see details that follow.
3 Day & 2 Night Hotel & Airfare You will receive round-trip airfare tickets for two adults plus two nights of hotel accommodations in the city of your choice, among 23 participating cities. Flights depart from a participating Major International Airport located within the Continental United States. Currently our 23 destination cities include: Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Atlantic City (flying into Philadelphia, PA),Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington DC, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Nashville. This certificate is good for U.S. residents only.
You will be required to pay hotel taxes, airline taxes, transfer fees.
Mexico Vacation – You will receive up to 6 nights of Luxurious Beach Resort Accommodations in the city of their choice of Mazatlan, Acapulco, Puerto Penasco, Cancun and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This offer is good seven days a week and only requires a 30-day advance notice to book. No timeshares or sales presentations. Guaranteed! You will be required to pay the room rate taxes

$300 Worth in Restaurant Gift Certificates  – This incentive offers you to a $25 Restaurant Gift Certificate every month for the next 12 months for a grand total of $300 worth of Restaurant Gift Certificates that can be activated at any of our thousands of participating restaurants nationwide. In addition you will also have access to an unlimited amount of the latest and greatest fast food and restaurant coupons that you can use to receive discounts at your favorite food spots. You will be required to pay a $29.95 processing fee to activate. Go to to view a list of our participating restaurants..

How long will the exclusive culinary cooking Show and better health Preview last?

The Better Health Solutions USA Cooking Show is scheduled to last about an hour but may last up to 60 minutes depending on who the host is and crowd participation.  

Do I have to buy anything?

NO, if at the end of the show you have any questions about our products, specials, gift registry or placing an order with us, our cooking show staff is there to help you out and answer your questions. If at the end of the show you choose not to become a customer and have no questions you will receive your gift package with no pressure to purchase anything. 

Ultra Tech Clean Machine

Getting Started User Guide